ACTION RESEARCH CENTRE….for evidence based programming

About Us


Action Research Centre (ARC) was set up in 2004 as a Public Charitable Trust to empower marginalized, vulnerable, and excluded groups such as women, young people, and children socially and economically.

ARC was imagined by a group of experienced development professionals from the diverse social field who were keen to promote the overall participation of marginalized populations in decision-making for growth and empowerment mainstreaming. Since its inception, the organization has been relentlessly raising issues and concerns of targeted populations through action reach approach and strengthening community participation through a bottom-up approach. ARC advocates the integration of development support research in implementing programs. It is strongly believed that the development initiatives would be more effective when they are based on strong data and evidence gathered through systematic research.

Over the years the initiatives of ARC have evolved strongly as an action research organization to change the context of social development. Using a range of strategies including community engagement, research, capacity building, creative communications, and advocacy the organization has been able to create a space for itself in the state in the domain of health, livelihood, and gender equity.

ARC Today

Over the last 18 years, ARC has strengthened its core competencies to influence the course of development programmes in the state by strengthening research, enhancing the capacity of community practitioners, generating knowledge products, and stimulating collective civic actions. The organization today has a competent and experienced team to strategies, capacitate and lead multiple community-centric action research and programmes on the ground.

ARC’s goal is to empower marginalized groups by improving their access to quality education, health, and livelihood services by providing vocational training, introducing micro-credit schemes, and promoting income generation activities. The organization’s thrust is to build the organizational and leadership capacities of its stakeholders. ARC takes a holistic and integrated approach to development that contributes to the sustainability of its programs by providing people and partners access to the tools, training, and structures they need.