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Our Team

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Shankar Talwar (Ph.D.)

With a broad-based social and economic development experience, Dr. Talwar has provided research and programmatic support to several development projects in India and the sub-continent for more than twenty years. As a Senior Project Director in Kantar (a leading market and social research agency), he led a team of researchers in conducting research and evaluations.

Dr. Talwar was a member of Technical Support Group (TSG) for conducting national level HIV prevalence in India by the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO). He has worked with TechnoServe, India and Magic Bus India Foundation as Director – Impact..

Dr. Surma Mitra (Ph.D.)

With the background education in biological sciences, Dr. Mitra is keen on using biotechnology in socio-economic development. Dr. Mitra was awarded a prestigious Marie Curie scholarship by the European Commission to work on bio-remediation of toxic chemicals at the Institute of Freshwater Ecology, England.

Further, she was invited by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Washington D.C. to continue the bioremediation work at the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). She is passionate about empowering women by creating livelihood options through skill training and entrepreneurship development..

Executive Team

Yamuna Nayak

Yamuna is an experienced project manager who rose from the rank and file in the organization. She started working with ARC eleven years ago as a project monitoring and evaluation officer in a CARE funded project on HIV/AIDS prevention among Nepali and Bangla speaking migrants in Mumbai. Yamuna has undergone several trainings on managing outreach work through peer education model, counseling, and monitoring and evaluation.

Shivani Dhuri

Shivani Dhuri is a qualified young professional with experience in data management, monitoring and evaluation. She has excellent Microsoft Excel skills to monitor projects by tracking the key indicators, and reporting progress using online systems like SIMS, used by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Swati Pathare

Swati Pathare has the experience of working for the cause of animal welfare. She has undergone training in counseling women and children on HIV prevention and care including assessment and reduction of risk, STI and HIV testing, etc.

Madhuri Ronagte

Madhuri Rongate has been working as an outreach worker for more than 3 years. She has excellent rapport with the hard to reach key population. Her regular outreach includes conducting individual and group meetings with beneficiary, promotion of condom, referral and testing for HIV/STI, etc. She has helped several women beneficiaries to get the benefit of other government programs and entitlements.

Seema Rongate

Saguna Rongate is young and dedicated worker with experience in working with women and children in prevention of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. She has also worked in promoting maternal and child health in rural areas.

Pratiksha Ide

Pratiksha Ide is a soft-spoken and very efficient outreach worker who knows how to connect with and motivate the key population mePratiksha Ide is a soft-spoken and very efficient outreach worker who knows how to connect with and motivate the key population members to participate in the program effectively.mbers to participate in the program effectively.