ACTION RESEARCH CENTRE….for evidence based programming

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Action Research Centre has always been committed to building evidence-based programming through an action research approach where the results of the research are used in strengthening strategic decisions, deepening community engagement, improving the program delivery, and creating knowledge resources for the all-around development of the marginalized community.

Over the years, ARC has responded to the needs of the community and addressed issues that have emerged. The major strength of the organization is to keep the issues of the marginalized community at the centre of all interventions. The organization believes in three non-negotiable values such as inclusion, commitment and quality to make its programs and initiatives effective and result-worthy. Our engagements align with three verticals- direct services and programs, partnership and network building and research and advocacy. We believe in creating a shared understanding –backed by rigorous evidence among concerned stakeholders like affected and citizen groups on critical issues related to health and development. 

  • More than 4000 Female Sex workers (FSWs) and over 150 partners and spouses of FSWs have received timely HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention and Care Services, leading to a reduction in high-risk behavior 
  • More than 97 FSWs and 500 men living with HIV/AIDS were provided with Anti-Retro Viral Treatment (ART) and counselling services, enabling them to lead a healthy life 
  • Trained more than 140 women from marginalized communities in various income-generating activities, enabling them to become financially independent
  • 600 adolescent and young people have received life skills training, thus enabling them to protect themselves from physical, mental, and emotional abuse and excel in life academically and professionally
  • Facilitated access to ration cards for 251 FSWs, opening of bank accounts for 950 FSWs, Aadhaar cards for 300 FSWs, and voter ID cards for 161 FSWs